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midnight burst


have you ever felt the overwhelming rush of wanting to do everything?

like, out of no where, you want to simply turn over a new leaf.

 you want to be productive. you want to eat healthy. you want to readapt the right habits. you want to actually work on your academics. study consistently. put effort into exams.  maybe learn french or master piano and guitar and ukelele. 

basically, you just want to be more put together

all at once at 3 am in the morning. 

it’s a tempting tendency to ignore and go back to sleep. feeling helpless because it’s 3 am and it’s school night.

but man, have you ever thought that it might be a bad idea to ignore such passion? you see, it won’t come around as easily. that’s why i highly recommend you to just go with the flow whenever it came up.

go stand up and switch on lights and find a notebook and list down what you want to do. what you will do. what you can do. what you’re thinking. your thoughts. your goals. whatever. make sure it is pure and raw to illustrate your passion vividly. so, you can remind yourself tomorrow by reading it.

or simply start to spring into action if you have any specific act in mind. 

i bet you’ll thank yourself in the morning.

you’ll be so grateful and proud of yourself.

i can conclude that these passion will usually guide you to create the greatest things.

so 10/10 i recommend to just follow it :’)



create a website to let your feelings out. manage your thoughts. organise your life.

there are thousands of company that give you the luxury to create your own internet space for free, so why not take an advantage of it?

it would be healthy for you,

to acknowledge your thoughts and writing it out, or, seeing your progression on how you handle your emotional/mental state over the years. see in a physical form how much you’ve grown within a specific period of time. to grant you a way to analyse yourself. recognise your weakness. plan your comeback, or glow up. store cliche quotes or notes for dear future self. you can decorate your website with colours that you like, or with graphics like movie posters or album covers or funny gifs, all as you please. or you can make it as your life’s momentos. record things you would want to look back to. keep them for the sake of future nostalgia. put pictures. put videos. put selfies.

go crazy with it

now that you have the proper space for all that jazz. your future self will most definitely thank you for it.

it is basically a journal but online. it’s the 21st century. no one carry around unsecured books with their whole life’s worth of personal thoughts in it anymore.

this way it’s more secured, more convenient for your fingers and easy to access. people would assume you’re just texting. no shame/embarrassment/ fear/ unnecessary anxiety to finally, for once, properly acknowledge yourself and appreciate the present and just fucking journal.

a subtle approach


“i love you, my baby”
“oh my baby, you are beautiful”
“my love, my baby”

now, my questions is can you tell if those statements above are being directed to a young child or a 30 years old grown woman?

did you realise how we had normalise this, in our society, to nickname our lover coincidentally the same as what we call our young child?

taking a step back and removing the bias the culture had feed you, don’t you think this choice/act is inappropriate?

don’t you think this act is, in fact, a subtle approach to pedophilia?

considering how severely disgusted society had reacted, giving extreme backlash to pedophiles and such acts, i found it ironic how us, even subconsciously, is doing the same. even it is tiny and harmless, it is an approach nevertheless.

i think that it is time we put a stop to this and stop subconsciously feeding the younger generations these negative messages that will confuse or left a scar if being taken seriously or taken advantage of.